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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Why are there so many foams and layers in the Innate Sleep System?

The different layers of the Innate Sleep System work in a synergistic way to promote the perfect blend of comfort and support to the human frame that cushions when needed and supports the natural curvatures of the spine when needed. This technology does not exist in any other sleep system.

Does the mattress contain toxins whenever possible?

All of our products are free of toxins, allergens and microbes. We use non-petroleum botanical foam product whenever possible.

Does the mattress get hot when you lay on it like other memory foam beds and toppers?

Many visco-elastic memory foam products tend to retain the heat of the body and feel very hot during sleep. The use of copper infused foam allows for the desired conformation while preserving the temperature of the mattress. 

What products and services come with the sleep system pricing listed?

The retail pricing includes the Innate Sleep mattress in your desired size, delivery and set-up, a 15 year warranty, 30 day trial period and a future of healthy, restorative sleep.  Sales tax is applied to Indiana sales only.

How long does it take to get the sleep system after ordering?

Although there typically is an inventory of sleep systems that are delivered on the day of purchase, our specialty delivery service varies across the country and may take as long as 30 days before you are enjoying the benefits of the Innate Sleep System.

Will the delivery and setup service take away the old mattress?

Most of the delivery companies will remove your old mattress for an additional fee payable to the delivery service.

Will the bed make impressions or sink like spring mattresses?

Not unlike a good pair of shoes, foams tend to break in with use.  In the Innate Sleep System, this may result in slight depressions in the surface layer of the foams.  This will not affect the function or comfort of the mattress, but is merely an expression of use.  This effect is best avoided or reduced by rotating the mattress layer and attempting to sleep in all areas of the sleep system.  Should there be any significant impression, this may be a warranty issue or foams may be replaced and repaired. 

How often should the sleep system be rotated?

It is recommended that the mattress be rotated 180 degrees (head to toe) every 3-6 months.

Is there a recommended pillow that compliments the mattress?

We recommend our Innate Sleep Memory Foam Pillow to compliment the Innate Sleep mattress.  The pillow utilizes the same foam components ensuring that the neck and head respond in the same weight bearing manner as the body with a unique contoured design to maintain spinal curves in the back and side-lying positions.

Does the sleep system comply with federal fire retardant regulations?

Yes, the mattress cover contains a fire retardant cloth material rather than the toxic sprays that other manufacturers use.

How does this sleep system compare with other mattresses in similar price ranges?

This is the only sleep system that can offer the support that matches the healthy and natural curvatures of the spine and human frame by naturally adjusting to each individual’s needs utilizing the the many layers of foams while decompressing the heavy and bony areas of the frame reducing neurovascular stress. Other mattresses may offer one of these benefits, but are unable to combine the two as there is a trade-off between plush cushioning and firm support.

How does the sleep system help with back pain, neurovascular conditions and other spinal disorders?

The ability of the sleep system to conform and support the areas needed reduces spasmodic episodes that can lead to pain at night.The upper layers of visco elastic foam reduce compression to the nerves and blood vessels by conforming to the frame and evening weight bearing load. Less tossing and turning leads to longer periods of deep sleep which allow regenerative changes to occur in our biochemistry and tissues.  

What is the warranty on the sleep system and when does it apply?

The warranty on the Innate Sleep System is a limited 15 year guarantee against craftsmanship and material defect.The warranty is valid only with use of the supplied base support and in the event of return, must be in sanitary condition.Our manufacturing division will repair or replace any defects or imperfections.. The customer may be responsible for shipping of any returned mattress.

Does the sleep system come with a base support (box spring)?

With the increasingly more popular adjustable frames and platform bed frames, the Innate Sleep mattresses do not come standard with a base support, but can be provided at an additional fee for construction and delivery.

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