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Seven layers provide the equilibrium that promotes sound sleep and remove stress.

Success Stories

When I first laid on the Innate Sleep System, I quickly realized I came across what I believe to be the best mattress ever. Other foam mattresses are good at reducing pressure on thicker areas like your shoulders and hips, but they are not good at supporting the thinner areas like the waist and neck. This can negatively affect the low back and neck as you sink into the foam mattress.

A healthy aligned spine makes an S curve. The bowing action of the third layer in the innate sleep system creates a wave that fully supports this curve. This third layer is the game changer!

Dr. Karin Drummond

The Masters Circle has had many relationships with experts on sleep equipment through the years, and all pale in comparison to Innate Sleep! Founded and run by Dr. Rob Schroeder, a highly successful practicing chiropractor, Innate Sleep is most sensitive to the needs of the chiropractor and the chiropractic patient – comfort, cost, and durability for patients, and cutting edge technology, easy handling and a substantial affiliate program for the doctor. Innate Sleep has it all — they get our highest recommendation.
Dennis Perman

I was fortunate enough to be introduce to Dr. Schroeder and the Innate Sleep System three years ago, since that time I and many of my PGA Tour professionals have thoroughly enjoy and benefited from this mattress. I travel 35 weeks out the year and I experience a lot of supposedly top rated mattresses and none can compare with the level of comfort and revitalization I receive from my Innate Sleep mattress. I recommend this mattress to all the players on the PGA Tour and I’m sure, once you have tried it, you’ll agree it is outstanding in construction and design.

All the best,

Coach Noss

After years in the NFL I have relied on my doctors and trainers to take care of me, but have learned that a good night’s sleep is essential for my recovery. Since I have started using the Innate Sleep System, I no longer toss and turn through the night and feel more rested when I wake up. My teammates and I have found this to be a secret weapon. After a road trip, I can’t wait to get back to my Innate Sleep, this mattress is the best.
Dallas Clark

AllPro NFL Player

We have been using the Innate Sleep system in our clinic for over six months. The feedback has been amazing. Patients say they love how it supports their whole body. It is typically very difficult to determine the quality of sleep a patient has with just one sleep study, but with the Innate Sleep we are seeing patients sleep better and awake rested in just one night. Patients woke from sleep less, tossed and turned less, and head decreased episodes of oxygen deprivation (sleep apnea episodes) as compared with their sleep study performed on other mattresses.

It usually takes 7-10 days to get accustomed to sleeping on a different mattress. The same is true with the Innate Sleep, but the numbers don’t lie. The patient’s numbers improved in all categories across the board.

I am also the proud owner of this mattress in my home. My wife and I have been sleeping soundly for almost a year now. It took a couple of days to acclimate to the mattress, and now we couldn’t imagine being without it. We didn’t realize how an extremely well mae mattress could improve our sleep and everyday lives. At 30 years of age, we were waking up tired and sore in our joints and back. We both work long hard hours and thought that wast he problem, but we now know it was our inadequate mattress that was the problem.

We now feel better than ever. We wake up refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to go each morning. When we travel, we count the days until we get home, so we can sleep on our Innate Sleep mattress. We couldn’t imagine being without it.

Dr. Michael Loper


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