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Warranty Information

Warranty and Mattress Care

To ensure ultimate satisfaction from your new sleep system, please take a few minutes to review the following information pertaining to the proper setup, care and warranty of the mattress system.


In the course of normal use, body impressions may appear in the mattress. These are not structural defects, nor will they affect the quality of the sleep the mattress offers, but rather are simply indicators that the upholstery layers of the mattress are settling and conforming to your body. Simply rotate your mattress end to end every 90 days if you would like to reduce the body impression effect. Over time, as validated through testing, it is normal to experience up to a 5% conforming effect in the upper foam layers which will not effect comfort or support.


All sleep system sets should be placed on a high quality frame with a rigid center support leg. This is required in all queen and king size models and will prevent sagging.


The Innate Solace mattress may require high contour, deep pocket sheets which are available at most department stores or online retailers.


There may be a slight odor with the new mattress. This is a result of the adhesives required to hold the supportive layers of foam together. This is normal and should dissipate within a few days. This time can be shortened by allowing the mattress to air out -without sheets – when not in use for the first few days after delivery.

Warranty Exclusions



If the mattress or foundation is found to be in an unsanitary condition, due to stains, soiling or burns, the warranty is void. Please take extra care to prevent soiling, as this will void the warranty. We suggest a mattress encasement to protect the material as well as provide an additional barrier to moisture, dust mites and allergens. These are available at bedding stores and online retailers.



This effect normally only occurs when the mattress is not being supported by a matching foundation, or if a high quality bed frame with center support is not being used. The warranty for Queen and King mattresses is only valid if used on such a frame, with a rigid center support having a center leg, or with a headboard or footboard with at least 5 cross slats and a center leg.



These commonly originate from the bed frame, headboard or footboard. To eliminate noises, remove the mattress and tighten any loose connections and make sure the frame is on a level support. If the noise is not resolved, place the box spring back on the frame and adjust the bed until the noise is removed.



Although we believe the Innate Sleep will offer an unmatched satisfaction of comfort and support, the warranty does not cover comfort level.


Law tag

Each mattress has a tag attached to it with manufacturers information. All warranty benefits are void if this tag is removed from the mattress.


We reserve the right to refuse service for any product that is found on inspection to be in an UNSANITARY CONDITION, or when product failure is due to abuse, misuse, damage through accident or neglect, or any other cause than defective workmanship or materials. If service resulting from any such defect is required, your mattress will be repaired without charge for labor or materials (not including transportation costs).

If identical materials are not available at the time of product service, we will substitute materials of equal or higher quality.

Limited Warranty

The quality materials and workmanship put into the Innate Sleep system allow us to offer a LIMITED WARRANTY against MAJOR DEFECTS in all parts of the mattress (other than the cover). Major defects are defined as structural defects that would affect sleep.